To be fair, it IS the same pool... the latter is just shot less creatively

Arby's Expectation VS Reality. I see a lot of horror pics, Canadian Arby's delivers

My GF's attempts at a Pinterest post for upcoming bday

McDonalds new Mc Vegan burger.

Stanley Milner Library in Edmonton, Alberta

Prime Day!!! What a great de...

What I bought on eBay vs what I actually received..........

Saw the funny photo on the left and got a hunchbacked wizard on the right

Berenstain bears picture vs the one I painted with dots

The Burger King taco. This was the moment it was pulled out of the bag.

Lempuyang's Gates of Heaven in Bali.

Walmart selling these shorts and I’m not sure I want to share the reality...

My friend’s Iron Man cake

I've been bamboozled

Online recipes

I want my 0.1 lbs back

My dinner

Surprisingly, not shit!

Bought an "almond" ice-cream...

I feel lied to. On top of that it had the consistency of compressed sand.

Marino's "rainbow" Italian ice

Shorts from Amazon

making fallafel

Let’s Let’

To be fair, it was 90% user error.

Why Red Baron

Waking Up In The Morning Be Like...

Made some Japanese instant doughnuts

This cake...

When you can't be bothered to cook

I�m calling the police

Coworker's sad Jimmy John's sub

Alright got me...

Pizza time

Took a painting class today

When you trust AliExpress...

The Cosmic Coolata

he will find you

Hot Bag Ooooo nuts...

Burger King now has tacos...

Going to bed with my wife


What is this

Tastes meh. So much packaging...

"One day shipping."