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A Parisian woman with her cat in her cannabis garden, 1910. ⁣

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My Mexican-American mom, part of the first class of women admitted to the US Air Force Academy, 1976.

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Feast of San Gennaro, Little Italy, NYC, 1972

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My grandparents on their wedding day, late 1960s

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My dad, wasting time at the Air Force Academy, 1974.

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Goofing around during break, c.1950

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Prospect Street. Providence, Rhode Island. Circa 1906.

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My grandmother and her friends on Hat Day 1960

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Another photo of my grandparent's wedding, clearly more towards the end of the evening. Late 1960s.

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My grandparents getting married (July 18, 1968)

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Opium smoking in Saigon in the 1880s

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My Grandfather with his 3 sisters Portland Oregon 1950s

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My dad home from pilot training (1979)

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My Grandfather in ARMY Special Information unit in the 1960s when he was a teenager

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People visiting the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio (July 1977)

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Disembarking from the paddle-steamer, Campbeltown, Argyll. 1800s.

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My great aunt circa 1942 / 1943

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My great-grandmother's first communion. She was born in 1922 and passed away in 2006 so I got to know her for a few years.

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My grandfather on the outside stairs of his house with a gun

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My grandther in Vietnam 1968. He was there doing bore testing for Howitzers for the Department of Defense

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My great-grandparents having a tea party on the lawn with some friends, c. 1909

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My Italian great grandparents on their wedding day. Philadelphia, 1924.

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Coal miners' housing in Birmingham, Alabama. April 1937.

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My mother Marguerite, 17 years old

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My great grandmothers high school basketball picture. I wish I could’ve met her, maybe one day I will. (Circa, 1921)

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New York City, Easter 1906

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1970s car safety

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What the ihe interior of a Lewis Blackhouse would have looked like in 1955.

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A man having a 20 cent beer from a social club on E 3rd St in NYC 1975

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(Repost to change incorrect title. Apologies) The ruins of Skipness Castle & Chapel, Argyll. 1800s

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Mom on Easter Sunday. 1945

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(In the middle) My father André, 18 years old, Belgian military service.

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My paternal grandmother (center) at her wedding with her sisters and cousins, 1948 - Waterbury, CT

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Herald Square Building and the Sixth Avenue elevated railroad tracks in 1909

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Three photos of my beautiful great grandmother (early 1940’s) Sure wish I could have met her.

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Peppermint Park. 1st Ave 66th St. 1976. Photo by Joe Clementi

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my great-aunt on a school excursion to a salt mine in Hallein (Austria) in 1951

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My mother-in-law dressed as the Easter Bunny

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A chestnut vendor. Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1905.

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My father, an immigrant from Italy. In Dearborn, MI 1961. Note the plastic on the furniture!

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My Great Grandparents Wedding Day ~ 1925 ~ New Mexico